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Vlogpost . . . Love the Sensitive People

This quote I pulled from my LFTG (Look for the good . . . ) jar really hits home with me. May this bring hope to others suffering. Much Peace & Love Y’all! Namaste 

Click anywhere on the words above to go to our YouTube Channel . . . Crazy Harts Club

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Adventures with JJ – Vlog

Good Labor Day morning my Look for the good . . . family and friends. Besides blogging I will also be vlogging. Check out the videos on my YouTube Channel – Crazy Harts Club. I started a few weeks ago being an Uber driver. Then, I added on being a Door Dash Delivery Girl and continued on with Uber Eats Delivery Girl as well. So, for today here is the good . . . I will be sharing my Adventures with JJ. Much Peace and Love Y’all! 

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I’m riding around in my pajamas again

Good morning my wonderful Look for the good . . . family and friends! My deepest apologies for the long overdue blogpost. As you know, if you have kept up with the blog, I was working a long-term sub position. It just finished about two weeks ago but then I picked up a few more substituting jobs and then just as I get a moment to myself (who are we kidding? We all know I don’t get moments to myself) – my oldest daughter gets sick. She is the one who is severely handicap so a regular cold for one person doesn’t always mean just a cold for her. This comes on the heels of my youngest daughter being sick and my husband being sick. But don’t worry we are The Crazy Harts Club and nothing would be complete if I didn’t get sick too! Everyone has finished their antibiotics except for me. I just started and even got a steroid shot in the hiney. I hate needles, but this stuff needs to go (need ta go courtesy of Bon Qui Qui at King Burger. Y’all have to look this up on YouTube if you don’t know what I’m talking about!) Plus, I am on a crapload of steroids for SIX MORE DAYS and souped up antibiotics. Watch out world! I will be operating on less sleep than I already get which is only a few hours. I will be eating everything in sight including the legs off of tables (inside joke). I may be even more hyper than usual – Yay! Go Team! Woooooo! And if I gain any more weight then I just may give up and you can then find me lying naked in my front yard drinking wine doing a snow angel with no snow. Uggh! As you can tell my ADHD is on Level 10 today because it has been awhile since I have written. Hard to get my thoughts and words together. My thoughts are swirling around like pigpen’s cloud (Peanuts reference people) and my words are like Usain Bolt in the Olympics. They ain’t no catchin’ ‘em! It’s like herding cats at a rat fest. Eww! That’s kinda gross. But anyway, you get what I’m saying. I’m all over the place. As I always promise at the end of every blogpost I show you the good . . . So, for today, here it is – the good . . . I am riding around in my pajamas again. It may be with a Band-Aid on my backside and Kleenex hanging out of both my nostrils, but it is SO NICE to have a break between substituting jobs. I want to let everyone know the writing of #adayinthelifeofJane is back as often as possible. Look for a POSITIVE PURPOSEFUL POST tomorrow to kick off your weekend AND always remember to Look for the good . . . Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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Will you be Thanks-GIVING please?

Happy First Day of November! November makes me think of several things but one would be THANKSGIVING. I know we will hear several times over the next few weeks, “I’m thankful for . . .” in the spirit of this wonderful holiday. We should be thankful but to be honest I have never in my forty years thought about the last part of this word – “Thanksgiving”. I am thankful for many people, things, etc. But do I thank-GIVE? I will say it again, the founding belief of our company, Look for the good . . . , is to bring you inspiring positivity one breath at a time. All of our products are a reflection of this very idea and I want our actions to be the same. These next couple of sentences are from a YouTube video – How Do Homeless Women Cope With Their Periods? | NSFWomen  Every month, thousands of homeless women are placed in a crisis situation when they get their periods. From dealing with infections to being unable to purchase sanitary supplies, keeping safe and clean isn’t easy on the streets. Also, it was recently brought to my attention, by one of my dear friends, that teenage girls are in desperate need of these products. Did you know there are middle and high school girls who have to skip school when they have their periods because they do not have any feminine products? They are embarrassed. Did you know the school system can give out only one sanitary napkin at a time? As if teenagers don’t have enough to deal with already, now girls can’t even go to school or concentrate in class for the fear of “having an accident”. I don’t think twice about picking up what I need from the grocery store. I just get it and go. We don’t think about their parents/guardians not being able to afford these things. Have you thought about when we have hurricanes or other natural disasters and people lose everything – what happens when women have their period and have nothing to use? As you are reading this you are probably just as surprised as I was when I first heard about it. If we aren’t faced with something personally or if we don’t even hear about it, then we typically don’t think about it. We don’t have to! But I am asking you to think about it now. Look for the good . . . is partnering with The Homeless Period Project SC to help girls and women have the products they so desperately need. While you are thankful will you also be thanks – giving? For today, here is the good . . . on Thursday, November, 10th we will be making period packs that go all over South Carolina. Will you please contact me and let’s plan on meeting somewhere for me to get a donation from you. Next time you go to the store please grab any of these much-needed items: Maxi pads, tampons, and pantiliners. Any brand is accepted! You can also follow them on Facebook at The Homeless Period Project SC and on Instagram @thehomelessperiodproject  Peace and Love Y’all and Happy November!