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Vlogpost . . . Thankful Thursday . . . A few of my “Thankful Things”

What are you thankful for? Much Peace & Love Y’all! Namaste

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Thankful Thursday

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to be more intentional in my own life. I write here on my blog all these positive things and yet still struggle with living them out myself. However, I am also learning that instead of beating myself up for this I will simply love myself through it. For those of you that have been my blog readers for awhile or for those of you that know me personally, you know loving myself is one of the greatest challenges of my life. Seems like a simple task to some, while for me it has always been daunting. I enjoy blogging and vlogging so much that I have put unnecessary stress on myself to try and do it most days of the week. Why you may ask? I’ll be honest – it’s because I don’t want to lose you . . . my Look for the good . . . readers. It brings me great joy knowing through my darkness I may help someone else find the light. I’m so worried that in the blogging world if I don’t “keep it up” or “keep it consistent” that people will stop reading it. But you know what? I AM NOT IN CONTROL of that . . . AT ALL! It is in The Lord’s hands who He knows needs to read these words and it’s all in His timing. As I am continuing to learn through yoga . . . I have to let that shit go . . . Yes! I just cussed and I still believe in God and I have a deep faith in Him, and He still loves me. There is no such thing as perfection. I am doing my best. Just BE YOU!

Speaking of timing I pulled this quote out of my very own LFTG jar today. Here we go . . .

“Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you love and value.”

*This is dedicated to all those in the world who think they aren’t good enough or something is wrong with them. For all of those drowning in the darkness.

Remember YOU are LOVED! Just because we have made some bad decisions EVEN IF it’s the same decisions over and over doesn’t mean we are bad. There may be numerous reasons why we have the dark side. The ugly, scary side to us. Everything isn’t our fault. Fear will drive us to do things that are not healthy for us. It’s okay to be scared. I’m scared too! I just want to be loved for the real me inside all this pain. Surround yourself with those that love you and get away from those that judge you. For they are sick themselves. Perhaps we should all practice giving a little more grace to each other . . . but some from a distance.

For today, here is the good . . . I will continue to learn how to love myself. I will not punish myself for not blogging/vlogging most days of the week because I am choosing to live more intentional and be more present in my own life. I will continue to LIVE OUT LOUD and know that The Lord is using my messiness to help others. For all of this I am THANKFUL and not just on Thursday. Now go love yourself! Much Peace and Love Y’all! Namaste

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Thankful Thursday meets Freedom Friday

Since my life continues to become more eventful, that also brings more color. If you go back and read “My Story” on the homepage of my website you will see I describe my life like it’s a bag of Skittles. You know how it is. You reach in the bag and you never know what you’re going to pull out. Maybe you have a favorite flavor. Mine happens to be Green Apple but I like all of them even though I’m not much of a candy eater. So even though they are all different (just like us humans of this whole entire world) we can still intermix with each other. Also, because of the varying shades of the rainbow they all have a distinct taste but are still loved by so many. That little sidetrack (which is how my ADHD mind operates) has a point believe it or not. It is so lively in the Crazy Harts Club and that extends beyond inside these four walls, now that I have my oldest daughter, Rachel, and a grandson. Bringing it full circle for you . . . I am busy as a beaver, gnawing on logs and building my life, so sometimes I can’t blog/vlog everyday. That is why I am combining Thursday and Friday this week. These will be bullet points to make it easy for you and to remind me how GRATEFUL I am for the simple things. Read below how they flow together . . .

  • Water – mine is clean which gives me freedom to drink it, so I don’t get thirsty; freedom to wash my body and clothes with it.
  • Birds – beautiful songs they sing bring freedom to my heart and mind when I find myself in a stressful moment; I am reminded how their little chirps sound so happy and it brings a smile to my face.
  • Breathing – I take this one for granted but since becoming a yoga teacher I have learned more purposeful breathing which allows me the freedom to get through challenging situations and bring more calm into my life.
  • Being still – speaking of challenging because of my anxiety and ADHD, I am like a pile of snapping bugs constantly being thumped. Pop, pop, pop! All over the place. But I am consciously making the choice most days to sit and actually listen to what The Lord is trying to show and/or tell me. In a world of busyness, He clearly states all through the Bible and in my daily devotions that we need to stop “doing” (so much) and start “being”. Gosh, I LOVE that! Just BE . . . YOU!!!
  • Last (for today) but not least and most importantly actually – I am thankful for –

KEVIN – my husband, for being supportive of our newfound daughter and grandson; for giving me the attention I deserve; for changing the negativity; this will be THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER!

RACHEL – my 24-year-old daughter, whose life is parallel to mine especially when I was younger; for her success in finding me; for her determination in pushing through pain and finding peace on the other side; remember it takes time and is a journey, my beautiful daughter! (and my precious grandson that I can’t believe I have been blessed with!)

GRAYSON – my 21-year-old daughter, who because of her I became a great mama; for her teaching me patience; for her allowing me to witness an amazing life even through her silence and for her teaching me how to love ALL people. What a gift you are, my Angel Face!

KLOIE – my 19-year-old daughter, who because of her I have lived; for her empowering me to be myself like she has at such a young age when most people are against it; for our endless ridiculous nighttime funny outbursts, car concerts, and singing our sentences instead of talking them; This is why you, KloBo, are my Sunshine! You shine so bright that it covers my darkness and keeps me going. My little Christmas present.

*And the baby dogs, Bella & Copper of course!

As per my usual writing tendencies this could go on forever. . . all the people and things I am thankful for bring freedom each in their own way . . . to me and to others. For today, here is the good . . . my list of Thankful Freedoms. I ask you, will you make your own list? Maybe life has too many negatives in it right now for you to come up with multiple things and that’s okay too. I beg you to find at least ONE. Write down ONE person, place, or thing that you are thankful for and write out beside it how it brings you FREEDOM. JUST ONE. Then carry it around with you. Tape it to the back of your phone. Keep it in your pocket. Stick it on something you see many times a day. We all need reminders of the good . . . in our life because it is easy to see the bad. Have a fabulous weekend! Now go do your homework! Much Peace and Love Y’all! Namaste

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Positive Purposeful Post – Introducing PE! (And no it has nothing to do with working out or gym class)

“Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness.” Seneca

If you have been one of my blog readers for any amount of time, especially reading the “Positive Purposeful Post”(s) then you know somehow each and every saying/quote impacts me in some amazing way. That is why I love pulling from my very own LFTG (Look for the good . . . ) jar for daily inspiration! The one I pulled today comes at a perfect time for me to tell you about what our company “Look for the good . . . “ is going to do to help people around THE WORLD!

I have come up with a super fun way to help others “Look for the good . . . “. Introducing . . . DRUM ROLL PLEASE . . . PE (Positivity Exchange)! Our MISSION is to spread positivity without stress! WHO – Middle school age and up. Male and females. No discrimination against the guys. We all need positivity! We want whoever comes to be able to sit (be still), play game, and learn about helping others to “Look for the good . . . “  while being inspired themselves. Sorry, but it isn’t playtime for the kids. WHAT – We are doing a sort of Dirty Santa gift exchange. HOWEVER, the point is to not be stressed about money or having to “buy” something. So, if you would like to buy something go for it! But there are lots of ideas out there that cost nothing to very little. DOLLAR TREE IS MY BEST FRIEND! Be creative! If you aren’t go visit Pinterest or Google. See below for examples too. Each person brings something to exchange and we draw numbers. Everyone goes home with a little positivity. We will explain game rules when you arrive. WHEN – once a month, Thursday nights, 6:30 – 8 p.m. (or whatever time you decide if you choose to be a hostess) WHERE – I will start hosting at my house of course and we will see where it goes. It may be that I always host at my house or if it grows we can move it. Also, I would love for this to happen ALL OVER THE WORLD so having said that I want others to host their own PE! I will be sending out an evite for some of my friends and if you would like to be part of my PE group just send me a message! I would love to have you!

Examples –

  1. Scratch piece of paper and write down something to inspire someone else. It can be a quote or saying, funny or serious. You can type it out or write it down. However, you want to give it.
  2. Starbucks gift card (like $5 – not expensive!)
  3. Socks (fuzzy, funny, whatever strikes you as happy and fun!)
  4. Homemade cookies or something similar.
  5. Hand lotion (y’all I love the dollar ones you can get that are small enough to go in your bag or pocket)
  6. Coloring books (you know they make the cool ones for adults now)
  7. Candles (vanilla scent or something relaxing – not stinky ;~} )
  8. Stationary (I love writing people little notes and I love getting them in the mail too! It makes someone feel special and know someone is thinking of them)
  9. Blanket
  10. Handmade necklace, bracelet, etc.

These are only a few ideas! Some of you may be jewelry makers. Some of you may hand make scarves/blankets, etc. Some of you may love drawing/painting and want to gift one of your pieces. There are so many options! What do you love? How can you inspire/uplift/encourage someone else with a gift? And again, don’t worry if you aren’t crafty. This is a super fun – no stress – way of exchanging positivity with others and helping each other to “Look for the good . . . “.  I will be giving gifts from my “Look for the good . . . “ collection. So my “Look for the good . . . “ family, friends, and followers the good . . . for today is – everything above! Yay! Much Peace and Love Y’all!