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Positive Purposeful Post

For those of you who may be new to my blog here is the explanation of today’s and future posts that will be named “Positive Purposeful Post“. The founding belief of this company is to bring you inspiring positivity one breath at a time. All of our products are a reflection of this very idea. For example, our LFTG (Look For The Good) Jars are filled with inspirational sayings/quotes. Each saying/quote has a crack ‘n peel backing so if you want to you can stick it on something for a positive reminder or simply throw it back in for a random draw another day. GO TO OUR STORE AND BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW! YOU WON’T REGRET IT! Plus we are having a SALE! So, having said that, periodically I will be doing my own random draw out of my personal LFTG jar and will be posting it on here with a story that emulates that message. Let’s do another one now . . .

“Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.” Dr. Seuss

Oh, how I just love Dr. Seuss! Pulled this one out this morning and it reminds me of BOTH of my beautiful daughters. Grayson – I describe her as amazing. You know me being a word girl I like to look up definitions even if I already know the word. Amazing means causing great surprise or sudden wonder. Well, that is who my Grayson is. She is such a fighter. She was not supposed to live to her first birthday but surprised us all and is 19 years old! And oh how I love to just watch her! Since she is non-verbal we never know what she is really thinking. Sometimes it’s a guess. I do wonder what goes on in that pretty little head of hers. I was fascinated watching her watch the 51st Super Bowl last night. She is so in tune with things more lately. Maybe it’s the football players in those tight pants??? Then there is my Kloie – I describe her as a blooming flower. Actually, the name Kloie means ‘blooming’. How perfect (and I didn’t know this when we were choosing a name)! My Kloie is blooming before my very eyes. It is both wonderful and scary to watch your almost adult child think on their own, have their own beliefs and follow their dreams even if they aren’t like your own. She is a unique, free-spirited, nonconformist which a lot of people her age just can’t deal with. I am so proud of her strength and courage to follow who God wants her to be and not who other high schoolers are just to be popular. So for today, here is the good . . . Yes, I am so blessed by The Lord that He trusted me with two of His very different kinds of flowers and I get to sit in awe of His beautiful garden. Much Peace and Love Y’all!