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Vlogpost . . . Thankful Thursday . . . A few of my “Thankful Things”

What are you thankful for? Much Peace & Love Y’all! Namaste

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Writing Wednesday . . . Positive Purposeful Post

Last week I had Grayson pull a positive saying out of our very own LFTG jar and this week I asked Kloie to. She reached in and when she pulled it out, she just laughed, pointed at me and said “YOU!” I took it from her, read it and agreed “AMEN! Yep, that’s me.” Then I turned around in the kitchen and read it out loud to Grayson and our nurse, Grace. Here it is . . .

“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

Well, if that isn’t me, I don’t know what is – trying to please everyone. And nope, I’m not trying to be some sort of saint here because believe me this isn’t good for anyone! This is NOT being a winner. Most of my life I have been trying to please others in every way possible. So much so it has almost cost me my life. I am very slowly learning to put myself first – like at a snail’s pace. But not just any ol’ snail. This one has a camper on it’s back that is attached to a Ford F-450 with a family of five and two dogs packed in it with a couple of bikes racked on the back all while pulling a 4-wheeler. That’s a lot! Now you get why I’m so slow???

I think part of it is my anxiety in wondering “what will other people think?” which is what I heard so much growing up . . . “What will the church people think?” That was a standard comment from my daddy since he is a retired Southern Baptist preacher. That explains a lot doesn’t it? Ha, ha, ha. Guess what? I don’t care what “the church people” think and I’m learning that more people are out there in this world hurting rather than not because they are SO WORRIED about what other people think. I am nowhere near not caring at all about what some people have in their mind about me, but I have put a stop to the madness! I will not let it steal my life anymore. Have you thought about that? Have you thought that you are precisely letting someone, or multiple humans STEAL your life? Are you so frightened or uptight that it is making you sick? Maybe you don’t realize the hold other people have on you. Do you feel selfish when you take care of yourself? I used to about everything and now it is becoming less over time. But it takes daily practice. If I told you one day it could actually in real life physically KILL you? Would you keep doing it? Would you keep putting everyone else first? Maybe you aren’t even on your own list of priorities! I wasn’t and it will weigh you down until you break. You think it won’t happen to you. I thought the same thing. I have been through more than most people and thought I was so obviously strong enough to handle anything. Not true at all! It can and will happen to anyone! It’s a cruel joke so stop all the absurdity NOW!

For today, here is the good . . . you really can be yourself and those that love you the way you are just so happen to be the people you want to surround yourself with. If you are not causing any harm to anyone or anything, just trying to live your life and someone still brings you negativity then cut them out! And if you can’t completely do that then please distance yourself from them. They don’t care if you are damaged from it because they will move on and continue living. I urge you to live your life and if you have the courage then I wish for you the FREEDOM to LIVE OUT LOUD! I am now being blessed over and over because I choose to love myself now. I implore you to do the same. I’m always here if you need a little encouragement or reassurance. You’ve got this and so do I! Much Peace and Love Y’all! Namaste

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Positive Purposeful Post

“Don’t let your dreams be just dreams.”

It has been a minute since I have written a blog post. My summers are not easy and I’m rarely alone to even think. We took Kloie back to school this past weekend, Grayson is asleep at this very moment, and ALL THREE DOGS are in their beds and quiet (miracles do happen).

Does anyone else wonder if you can still have dreams no matter how old you are? Sometimes I wonder about that and other times I say “Yes! Why not?”  As some of you know, if you keep up with my blog, I am 41 years old and just last month had one of my life dreams come true. I am now a real author! (See the link on my Home Page to order a book or send me a message and I can get one to you – NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THIS WORLD). I always dreamed of writing my own book. Now that is a reality and the second book is already in the works. My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee is a short memoir which makes for an easy read. However, The Preacher’s Daughter will be quite different. (wink, wink)

What about dreams for younger people? Of course, when we are young don’t we all have some grand idea of what we want our life to look like? To go to college or not? To get a job now or later? What kind of job? Do I want to get married? Have children? Where do I want to live? We can plan all we want but I will tell you from experience – we are NOT in total control. God is. That is not to say just sit back and do nothing! You do have to help yourself (and others I might just throw in there).

So, for today here is the good . . . Dream. Dream BIG. Dream small. It doesn’t matter but do dream and make it happen. It may not be easy but it will be worth it.

This message is for everyone. However, I am dedicating today’s post to my youngest daughter, Kloie. You are smart enough. You are strong enough. Don’t let ANYONE hold you back from doing what you are supposed to be doing and being who you are supposed to be. Much Peace and Love, KloBo! Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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Positive Purposeful Post

Every day may not be good . . . but there is something good in every day.

I want to try something with YOU, my readers. I know I am the one who writes something and have promised that at the end of every post I will show you the good . . . Well even though I could find something I need you to help me see some good today. Here’s why . . .

This morning we woke Grayson up from a dead sleep and immediately she started putting both hands in her mouth. It’s kinda like a baby sucking their thumb for comfort. She has done this her entire life. However, she chews on her fingers, they can become raw, and she soaks her bibs and cute shirts with spit! Ick! So, we have what we call arm braces that don’t allow her arms to bend up to her mouth. It may sound bad but it isn’t torturous. Y’all know me. Grayson is a wee bit spoiled! Grayson obviously doesn’t like it though. Before we could even get her clothes on we had to start with the arm braces. She yelled all the way through me brushing her hair, getting her breakfast ready, feeding her, brushing her teeth and giving her morning meds. She continued to yell as I was wrestling NOW 3 dogs, picking up random poop I found underneath the Christmas tree as an early present, wiping up dog drool on the floor from where they watch her eat, and trying to have them all “do their business” outside before I took her to school. This is my every morning. I feel like by the time 7:30 a.m. gets here I have already run a marathon.

She yelled all the way to school and all I wanted to do was listen to Christmas music on 98.9 or be able to hear Hawk and Tom on B93.7 but nooooo she screamed as loud as possible. When she got to school, they said she went to sleep. I contemplated drinking wine with my Cheerios this morning or maybe even soaking my Cheerios in red wine instead of almond milk. But we all know if I had done that I would eat even more cereal than normal and wouldn’t be able to drive her to school and we all know mama needs a break! As soon as I got back home to our driveway I received a call from Grayson’s school that she had a red face and a fever. Of course, I went to get her. So much for quiet time. When I got her back home, she woke up, I checked her temp twice and nothing. NO FEVER! Who knows what that was? I checked it later and still below normal. So, even though I am sure I could give you some good . . . I ask will you comment below or on Facebook or Instagram #lookforthegoodinc YOUR good for today please? Share with me what your good is in your life for today and I will put your name in a drawing for a FREE PRODUCT! Much Peace and Love Y’all! I can’t wait to read them! Inspire me!!!