The Logo

I envisioned a tree with bare branches as they reach towards the sky. This symbolizes us looking up to Heaven for peace and guidance. I also wished for the word “good” to be written within the branches so as to not be easily seen. This represents my everyday life. It isn’t always easy to see the good immediately in my life due to our unique situation. Our oldest daughter is chronically ill. She has had a lifetime of hurdles and this has brought about great sadness. However, The Lord has never left our side and He sometimes even carries us when we are too weak to walk even one more step. Through Him I have been given the ability to “Look for the good . . . “ in every trial we have experienced. You will also notice at the bottom of the branches there are eyes representing how we look from the windows of our souls and right above the word good is a geometric looking heart to represent us – The Harts. “Good” may not always be easily recognizable but I truly believe there is something good in everything we face . . . you just have to look for it.

*The logo was creatively designed by my talented niece, Brittany Wilson. You can find her work at

The LFTG Logo Stickers come in a three pack which includes one of each color.

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