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Smile – go ahead – do it!

Hey my “Look for the good . . . ” family and friends,

Just wanted to send out a quick message . . .  So many people out there are going through so many terrible things. You may be one of them. Our hearts and minds can seem broken at times and all we need is a little sweetness. So, for today here is the good . . . SMILE! At least try and smile at someone – anyone – today. Just once if that’s all you can do. It will make your lips feel better and your face seem brighter. Maybe even your heart a bit lighter. If you can’t then accept a smile or wave or a simple good gesture from someone else. We all need each other. Much Peace and Love Y’all! 

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It made my heart smile

Have you ever thought about the words in the title of my post? I mean really thought about them? Can a heart smile? What does it look like when I picture a heart smiling? When I hear the word “heart” I think of love and happiness.  Even if you don’t know me well, just by reading my blog you are beginning to learn a lot about me. Lately, I have been writing more about my broken heart. My sadness. But last Friday, as I was subbing, we decided because it was such a beautiful day we would take our boys outside. Two of our boys went right to the “typical” swings and sat down while the other two needed to roam around a bit. The student I was with seemed a bit restless. I walked him over to the swings that are more conducive to full body support. He readily sat down as I stood in front of him making sure he was safely in the chair. I asked the other assistant if it was okay to push him as sometimes this motion can cause seizures. She said it was fine.

I began to slowly push the swing until it was in a steady motion. That sweet boy laid his head back and to the side and completely relaxed his body into the rhythm. For 25 minutes, I pushed. Back and forth. Back and forth. Twenty-five minutes is a long time to consistently push a swing. However, I didn’t grow tired. I gazed at him and a wonderful sense of peace came over me. I was working so I HAD TO be in this moment. I asked myself “Why can’t I slow down more in my life and be present in every moment? Why can’t I be still longer, more often to experience this calm even when I don’t HAVE TO?” So, for today here is the good . . . The cool breeze blowing and the repetitive movement helped this antsy child to be less anxious. Watching him made my heart smile. It showed me how simple some things really can be. These students who are non-verbal or non-mobile, sometimes both, are usually the best teachers of how life is meant to be. Slow down, maybe even stop a minute and be in the moment. He helped me and my heart. For this I am thankful. Have a beautiful day! Much Peace and Love Y’all!