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Sharron – Girl Gang Member

Kind, thoughtful and compassionate! She even gets an extra “r” in her name because she deserves it. We met when our youngest children were in kindergarten – many years ago – even though neither her nor I have actually gotten older (wink, wink). We never hung out or ran in the same circle but every time I saw her, at all the countless school activities, we would greet each other and even hug. I was drawn to her for some reason, not just because she is beautiful on the outside, but my soul felt we shared something. The Lord knew what He was doing way back then. But doesn’t He always know??? Fast forward through time and land several years ago. I can’t quite remember how it happened, due to the fact that we’ve always had a connection, but she invited me on a beach trip. Just her and I. Girl time. I had been very sick with an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder, so I wasn’t feeling my fun and silly self. This lent itself to us spending hours talking. For whatever reason we both opened up about our past and our present lives – the ups and downs. This is when I discovered why I was always captivated by her. We had both experienced and lived through some real nightmares. I won’t divulge those here. I will leave them where they are – in the past. For today, here is the good . . . I am BLESSED to call her my friend and am honored to know her. She is one of the most humble and truly genuine people I know. She isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in and fight for others is what she does. She is co-founder of the Homeless Period Project. Go look it up! You’ll be inspired. Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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New Year, New You – Wait . . . what’s wrong with the old me?

Happy New Year! Right? That’s what we are supposed to say, and I do think we generally mean it. I don’t really want others to have a bad year and speaking of bad years – I have had a lot of them. Half of 2016 and most of 2017 seemed like I was thrown out of a plane, on numerous occasions, with no parachute (I guess my anxiety was keeping me in the air like a little cloud of chaos), only to fall in a desolate land where bombs are continuously dropped on my head! Yep, that sounds about right. It took a toll on me mentally, emotionally, and physically – even socially and spiritually. I know I don’t like to show it on the outside to most people which leaves my poor family and few, very close friends to have to deal with it. However, some may argue I do wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions are usually on display (here’s to you sweet friend, Susie R.). But I’m talking about the deep, dark, black hole. Maybe that’s another story for another time . . .

My point in all this is to show others how to Look for the good . . . in every situation. That is why I have promised to always give you the good . . . at the end of every blogpost. So, here I am circling back around – thank you, ADHD – to share with you just how perfectly imperfect I am. I have been depressed and anxiety runs through my veins like my blood – continuously. The very things I enjoy, such as writing, have been difficult to do lately. We don’t like to talk about these things, but I feel like me sharing my “bag of Skittles” life will hopefully help keep someone else from drowning.

So, for today, here is the good . . . I am forgiving myself for not being perfect. After all, there is no such thing as perfect. Forgiving myself for not keeping up with my blog as often as I would like because my mind won’t let me. Forgiving myself for not eating as healthy as I should and for not exercising. I am going to learn to love myself. I have a serious physical self-esteem problem. Those of you that know me have heard about it ad nauseum. Instead of worrying so much about my legs having cellulite – I am going to be thankful I can use my legs. I have a daughter who can’t. I am going to love my curves instead of wishing I were skinny. I am going to celebrate the good things about myself and work on the things I can, but again forgive myself when I JUST CAN’T ________ (fill in the blank). I am going to learn that what others think of me isn’t necessarily the truth and even if it is what’s wrong with that? I know someone out there loves my colorful mouth, outrageously, silly personality, fiery attitude, chaotic, ADHD mind and animated existence. THIS IS ME – PERFECTLY IMPERFECT! Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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Positive Purposeful Post

For those of you who may be new to our blog or may just have missed the meaning behind our “Positive Purposeful Post”(s) here is the explanation – The founding belief of this company is to bring you inspiring positivity one breath at a time. All of our products are a reflection of this very idea. For example, our LFTG (Look For The Good) jars are filled with inspirational sayings/quotes. Each saying/quote has a crack ‘n peel backing so if you want to you can stick it on something for a positive reminder or simply throw it back in for a random draw another day. Head on over to our SHOP and purchase your very own today or bless someone else with one! WE ONLY HAVE A FEW LEFT! So, having said that, periodically I will be doing my own random draw out of my personal LFTG jar and will be posting it on here with a story that emulates that message. These will be named “Positive Purposeful Post”. Time for another one below –

“If you are always trying to be ‘normal’ you will never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

Right? This is so true. However, it can be scary. So, most people think I love being in the limelight or love being the center of attention just because I don’t meet a stranger. Yes, it has been said numerous times “Jane will talk to a brick wall”. This is also true but what isn’t true is that I want all eyes on me. As extroverted as I am, I really don’t like everyone looking at me. I love speaking to anyone because it gives me a chance to learn about new things and new people.

This brings me to what happened yesterday. I was given the opportunity to be on one of our local television shows to announce the publication of my first book, My Summer with Jimmy and Nan Dee. While I was so excited to share this dream with others, at the same time, I was a nervous wreck. I was shaking and trying to remember what I was going to say. Then, it was time – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . . and we’re on! Just in those few seconds I decided I should just be me. Being me isn’t everyone’s idea of being ‘normal’ – whatever that really means anyway. I am silly and animated. Very animated! I am also vulnerable and wear my heart on my sleeves. This leaves my feelings out there to be trampled on. But for today, here is the good . . . because I was determined yesterday to not be ‘normal’ I ended up being amazing! No, not in a bragging “I’m awesome” kinda way but I was amazing because I was passing on positivity AND if nothing else I got my message across – when you see or are around someone with special needs of any kind treat them like a human being. They are after all breathing – just like you. So, don’t be afraid to give a little bit of your sunshine away. If someone thinks you’re ‘abnormal’ because of it then be thankful you are strong enough to be you! You’re amazing! Much Peace and Love Y’all! Click on link for my live interview