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It’s February!

Ahh, February – the month of love. However, I want love year ‘round. All kinds of love! Today I am going to express my gratefulness to my tribe, my people, my girl gang. I want to take time to shout out to them how much I love them, appreciate them and need them. The next several posts are going to address each one of them individually. I refer to them in the acknowledgements of my first book as “my little circle of girlfriends who are strong, fierce, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in this thing we call life.” Each one of them is different from the other and even from me but I share a common thread with them as well. Each is strong and fierce and doing something to make this world a better place. Don’t get me wrong I have other friends who are wonderful, but this blog post is just about MY CIRCLE. For today, here is the good . . .  I don’t consider it luck but instead a blessing to have these 5 ladies be such an important part of my life. Cheers to you (in alphabetical order of last names because you are all equally important to me) DB, AG, BO, LP, SP!  I ask you Look for the good . . . family and friends – who are your people? Who makes you laugh until you snort? Who let’s you cry on them with your snotty nose and salty tears? Who listens to your same freakin’ story so many times it can be exhausting yet they let you continue to do it? Who are you blessed with? Be sure to let them know how awesome they are ASAP. Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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And the announcement is . . .

It’s official! I am now a real author! My very first book, My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee, has now been published!!!

We all have dreams – don’t we? Or maybe we once did but forgot about them or simply think “it’s too late”. Well, I employ you DON’T GIVE UP! I have had many difficulties in my life. I have wanted to quit. But the Lord isn’t done with me so He somehow keeps me going. I keep getting back up. And look at me now! One of my actual life dreams has come true! I wanted to be a writer – so I did it. I wanted to write a whole freakin’ book! AND I DID IT! You can make one of your dreams come true too!

So, about My Summer with Jimmy & Nan Dee – it is a quick read that may make you laugh and cry. It will encourage you to take your own journey at your own speed. You don’t have to be anyone but you!

I will be having a book signing event in a few weeks after school gets back in session. I would much rather see you in person though. I love meeting new people and catching up with old friends. I am also available to meet you locally to skip shipping costs. However, if you don’t want to wait a few weeks my book is also available on as well. I can’t believe it! I’m on Amazon! That link will also be on the homepage here on our website shortly. So, for today here is the good . . . all the above! Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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Hey Y’all!

Hey Y’all! Here we go. This is going to be fun! I hope you will find this entertaining, uplifting, and positively inspiring. I will be sharing our life here at The Crazy Harts Club with you. Some days you may laugh or cry – maybe even both. There may be the days you are like WHAT??? THIS CAN’T BE TRUE! But to tell you how this all got started in a nutshell – okay who am I kidding my nutshell is usually the size of a submarine. I am all things detailed. Here’s our story . . .

There is my husband, Kevin, our 18 year old daughter, Grayson, our 16 year old daughter, Kloie, and me (and I am 40 now – eek)! Of course we really should count the super wiener dog, Reesy, and beautiful mixed mutt, Bella. We are what I would like to call your very average family here in the deep South with ONE difference, however, very significant. My oldest daughter, Grayson, is severely handicapped. As time goes on I will fill you in on the particulars but for now just know this is where Look for the good . . . came from. Every day and I mean every day I literally have to stop and search for positive things in my world. Grayson’s health is continuing to decline. I don’t like to admit it, say it, or even type it out. I realized it as she was lying in the hospital bed on January 15 after her VNS revision surgery. She seemed frail, helpless – even more than usual. It has been a year and a half since we began to see a new type of seizure – audiogenic seizures and several weeks ago Kevin and I have now noticed another type – light induced seizures. She has multiple seizures everyday of different types. They are mostly silent so we have no idea how many she has when we aren’t watching – especially at night. Every morning I wake up and pray to God that I don’t walk into her room and find her dead. It is a very real thought and I truly think about it EVERY morning. For us it is a continual mental, physical, emotional, financial, social, and spiritual battle. We are exhausted most days from fighting through it all. Having a child/loved one who is severely handicapped is something that really can’t be explained. I know The Lord chose me to be Grayson’s mama. He knows what He is doing even if I never will. I am blessed to have a husband who is responsible, loves us, and works very hard, a 16 year old daughter who lets me experience all the “typical” good and bad things children do, and an 18 year old daughter who has allowed me to experience a completely different world that most will never experience. Sometimes just by looking in Grayson’s eyes through her silence it makes my heart smile. We all have stresses but I am willing to bet you can find at the very least one good thing every day. Like right now I am thankful I am alive and am able to share our adventure with you!

Much peace and love to all,
Jane J. Hart
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