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Lisa – Girl Gang Member

Courageous. Giving. Strong. I mean yeah, she is a runner and works out but that is NOT what I mean when I use this word to describe one of my best friends. Try these definitions – of great moral courage; powerful in means of prevailing; decisively unyielding. Now to break those down . . .

She has been tested on numerous occasions on how she should handle her life with a blended family but like I said – she is decisively unyielding when it comes to what is best and benefits her family as a whole. It isn’t a competition to win but a journey that continues and she always prevails. (Whether she knows it or not) She will not waver on what is best for her children. She is courageous. It isn’t always easy to be the mother to children who are not biologically yours, but Lisa holds her head high and presses on making sure her family is always taken care of. And then there is giving. Most importantly, she gives with her heart. She also gives with her time making sure all three of her children know she is present and there for them at all times, as well as for her husband. She gives in so many other ways not just to her own family but to me as a friend, even to strangers. She is the founder of Their mission is – to progress society’s awareness to the value of nonbiological parents in a blended family through improved rights and increased responsibilities, participation and empowerment, with the understanding that mindfully and intentionally uniting families in this way will strengthen the marriage, and thereby the children.

My list of behind the scenes details of what she has endured, let go of, and fought for would blow your mind but for today here is the good . . . I am BLESSED to call her my friend, my sister and to have her be part of my inner circle – my Girl Gang. I love you, Lisa! Much Peace and Love Y’all! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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The Wall of Thanks-GIVING!

Oh I am ecstatic! I just knew in my heart there were giving people in this world. It is even better to know there are selfless givers living in my own community. As you know (see post “Will you be Thanks-GIVING please?”) several of us got together last Thursday night to put together period packs. I won’t ever give away names, unless I have your permission first, but I feel very strongly that those who donated to The Homeless Period Project SC need to be recognized in some way. So, I will list initials only – CB, LH, VA, HF, SL, SB, LP, AH, NR, LM, LS, RW, KG, MM, KG-M, JF, AC, CS, BO, MM. These are the initials of those who either personally handed donations to me or I was given from someone else. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. I also wanted to let everyone know where your donations will go and who they will be helping. The Homeless Period Project SC will be giving 2000 period packs to the women and girls that are in need with their meals on Thanksgiving Day through Project Feed 5000! I love people partnering with each other! Please know this is an ongoing need and if you weren’t able to donate these last couple of weeks you can contact me ANYTIME and I will be glad to get donated products to them. So, for today here is the good . . .

I am proud to give you the final numbers. Because of your donations there were . . . drum roll please . . .

736 period packs made!!! Wow! And there are still some products left over to combine with incoming donations to complete more packs. Find your way to be Thanks-GIVING today. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Peace and Love Y’all!