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Ashlea – Girl Gang Member

This is my final Girl Gang Member post about my best friends. So, lastly, but only in writing this blogpost, and certainly not least in any way whatsoever, here is my Ashlea. Oh, wow! Where to begin with this one? We met when her oldest and my youngest daughters were in 4 year old kindergarten together and we haven’t missed a beat since. She is . . . Fierce – furiously eager or intense. She can flash those piercing eyes in your direction, head cocked to the side with a slight smile dancing in the corner of her mouth. You can’t help but want to know what she is thinking and then you must go do it with her! It’s always an adventure. Brave – possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. Hmm . . . this badass BFF of mine has been through mud pits, sprayed in the face with venom, and hung out to dry in the middle of a desert. But NO MATTER WHAT – she always comes out the other side of whatever it is still with that “pretty girl swag”. (go look that definition up) Vivacious –  lively; animated; spirited. We were once known as the Dynamic Duo. She is my partner in crime. She is wild, fun and up for just about anything. What haven’t we shared? She is a survivor. Just like me, she has been through more shit than you would find in a pasture of a million cows that were all just given enemas. How’s that for a visual? We’ll be in our eighties and still crazy – TOGETHER! She would probably describe herself as this “Flawed and fabulous because perfect doesn’t exist and normal is boring.” And this is just one of the many reasons I LOVE ME SOME ASHLEA GRAVES!!! We ain’t afraid to get our hands dirty in this crazy thing called life! So, for today here is the good . . . I am BLESSED to call her my friend, my sister and to have her be part of my inner circle – my Girl Gang. I love you, Ashlea! Much Peace and Love Y’all! I hope y’all have a great weekend. PS – yes this is an old pic below. Most of our pics I can’t show to the public! (wink, wink)

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Thinking outside the box

I enjoy subbing – especially with children/adults with special needs. Yesterday for our related arts class we had Art. I extra ❤ Art class. It is so relaxing to me to paint even though I never do it anymore. Not sure why I don’t make time for the things that help with my anxiety. You would think I would do all I can to relieve stress. I get so busy taking care of everyone else. There is always the Great Guilt Giant – not sitting on my shoulder but jumping up and down – and he hurts. He weighs me down. I want to thump him off but he’s too big. I am in need of a fairy with shrinking dust. You know I have talked about fairies before but this kind I haven’t found. 

Back to Art . . . For today, here is the good . . ., the teacher is fabulous. She lets the students make choices and allows them to be a part of what is taking place. She doesn’t just have her own agenda and make the kids go along with it. She is continually thinking outside the box. Yesterday she used a record player of all things! The Art teacher squeezed different colors of paint around an old record and turned it on low speed. Then, the students took a paintbrush and held it to the record smoothing out the colors or moving their hand back and forth to create designs. Even for my daughter who can’t grasp anything you just hold hand-over-hand and wait for results. I encourage you to start doing at least one thing you enjoy for even the smallest amount of time. There is no wrong way. Just live life and remember two things – 1. what really matters and 2. always Look for the good . . .