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Positive Purposeful Post

For those of you who may be new to our blog or may just have missed the meaning behind our “Positive Purposeful Post”(s) here is the explanation – The founding belief of this company is to bring you inspiring positivity one breath at a time. All of our products are a reflection of this very idea. For example, our LFTG (Look For The Good) jars are filled with inspirational sayings/quotes. Each saying/quote has a crack ‘n peel backing so if you want to you can stick it on something for a positive reminder or simply throw it back in for a random draw another day. Head on over to our SHOP and purchase your very own today or bless someone else with one! (They come in two different sizes) So, having said that, periodically I will be doing my own random draw out of my personal LFTG jar and will be posting it on here with a story that emulates that message. These will be named “Positive Purposeful Post”. Time for another one below –

“In the words of one great prayer: ‘Bless me into usefulness.’” Sogyal Rinpoche

This is one of my FAVORITES! First, don’t we all want to be blessed? Second, don’t we all want to be useful? Well, I know I want both of these things. If you have been one of my blog readers for any amount of time, especially reading the “Positive Purposeful Post”(s) then you know somehow each and every saying/quote impacts me in some amazing way. That is why I love pulling from my very own LFTG (Look for the good . . . ) jar for daily inspiration! Of course, this quote makes me think of what I am currently doing for work in my own life.

I am a substitute for a special education school. One of my daughters also attends there. I am a substitute these days because full-time wasn’t the best match for our life right now. However, I LOVE substituting! You get the chance to be in multiple classrooms and teach many different students. Since we are the adults and the teachers you would think the kids are benefiting from us, right? I do hope that is the case. On the other hand, I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you I am the one who is benefiting from these students EVERY TIME I WORK WITH THEM! I was recently asked to do a long-term sub position for a new student coming in to our school. I figured I could at least be useful in some way even though there were a lot of unknowns. Turns out I am being blessed by learning numerous things myself.

So, for today, here are many of the goods . . .  I am having to learn sign language which has always intrigued me. I love to watch people sign. I am learning to let go of fear and show these students, who may have unpredictable behaviors, that I love them and am here for them. I do not want a child/adult (because some are adults already including my daughter) to ever think they aren’t loved by someone. We had one of our wheelchair bound, non-verbal, blind students communicate to us this past week that he did not want to be on a beanbag for leisure time. You may be wondering how does someone with these limitations communicate? If you could only witness it your mind would be blown. It is all about slowing down and watching, literally watching closely for some sign of communication. He somehow moved himself off the beanbag and we figured he wanted back in his wheelchair. He just received his new chair the day before and it is so comfy that he would rather be in it. He smiled when he was lifted back up. These are the extremely small yet oh so powerful ways of communication. I almost cried because these students are so dear to me. I always try to place myself in the shoes/socks/leg braces/wheelchairs (you get what I’m saying) of all people with special needs. It will change your perspective on life and you really will be blessed into usefulness. I encourage you to look for ways to help others and trust me, you in turn will be more than blessed. Much Peace and Love Y’all!