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It’s February!

Ahh, February – the month of love. However, I want love year ‘round. All kinds of love! Today I am going to express my gratefulness to my tribe, my people, my girl gang. I want to take time to shout out to them how much I love them, appreciate them and need them. The next several posts are going to address each one of them individually. I refer to them in the acknowledgements of my first book as “my little circle of girlfriends who are strong, fierce, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in this thing we call life.” Each one of them is different from the other and even from me but I share a common thread with them as well. Each is strong and fierce and doing something to make this world a better place. Don’t get me wrong I have other friends who are wonderful, but this blog post is just about MY CIRCLE. For today, here is the good . . .  I don’t consider it luck but instead a blessing to have these 5 ladies be such an important part of my life. Cheers to you (in alphabetical order of last names because you are all equally important to me) DB, AG, BO, LP, SP!  I ask you Look for the good . . . family and friends – who are your people? Who makes you laugh until you snort? Who let’s you cry on them with your snotty nose and salty tears? Who listens to your same freakin’ story so many times it can be exhausting yet they let you continue to do it? Who are you blessed with? Be sure to let them know how awesome they are ASAP. Much Peace and Love Y’all!

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Positive Purposeful Post

It’s time for another Positive Purposeful Post from my very own LFTG jar – 

Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.

Again, perfect timing for me to pull this one out of my LFTG jar. For me I am thinking of something very specific and it is both sad and hopeful. Let’s start with the sad because you know we always want to end where we can find the hopeful, the good . . .  I have been reflecting on a relationship of mine since late Spring of this year. It was brought to my attention that someone highly important to me has decided to outright lie about a difficult experience that happened in my life many years ago. A few weeks later I was told more information regarding this same relationship. It was about the injustices of how I was treated in the past are actually still in my present. You know how people feel the need to tell you “You can’t live in your past?” Well that may be true but when your past is still in your present it isn’t possible to “get over it”. These unfortunate events led to one thing after another and for me just plain and simple – they snowballed! I am one for principle. I stand up for what is right and just even if it may cost me something. It doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else. It’s just who I am. All these years I believed certain events were resolved. I also trusted I was seen for who I truly am now not for the bad choices I made when I was a teenager. I was mistaken.  But for today here is the good . . .  It is time for me “to forget what’s gone” – I am not a bad person and those people are not who I want them to be so I move on.  It is time for me to “appreciate what still remains” – I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, some caring extended family, and a few beloved friends who are like family to me. It is time for me to “look forward to what’s coming next” – No matter what, The Lord is always with me even if I don’t see or feel Him at that moment. He will continue to carry me throughout my days and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He will never leave me. He has great things for me in my future. I am blessed. Peace and Love Y’all! Have a fabulous weekend!